Design Consultations

We are wholeheartedly passionate about the integration of Indigenous textiles, art & design into public & shared spaces. When managed appropriately in the design phase, we believe that the incorporation of Indigenous artwork in interior fit-outs communicates a powerful message of celebration and honour.
With passion and expertise we offer consulting services & project management for interior design projects that feature beautiful Indigenous design.
Through styling, design and consultation we are able to support the creation of culturally enriched spaces inspired by country. We create solutions that embrace the work of a diverse range of artists in a dynamic manner including use of printed textiles, sculpture, furniture & painting. 
The director of NORTH, Crystal Thomas, brings over 8 years experience in the interior architecture industry, along with an extensive portfolio in project management and design. NORTH posses established relationships with a comprehensive list of trade and manufacturing contacts, utilised to ensure efficient delivery of an end to end design solution.
In alignment with our core values as a social enterprise, we work closely in consultation with art centres & artists to ensure that all proposals, design and delivery honour the integrity of the artwork. We ensure that featured artists maintain connected to the project, ensuring that the journey and results of these collaborations becomes one of shared excitement for the artist & their community. 

Our interior offering includes:


From concept through to sourcing for interior projects we are able to support designers, construction companies & architects to integrate Indigenous design & art into any interior project. 

Interior architecture fit out design & delivery

We are able to facilitate all stages of any interior architecture project featuring Indigenous designs. This includes concept development, full working-drawings, project management, acquisition of work & final styling.

Styling & enhancement

Suitable for existing spaces requiring re-imagination, our services provide a comprehensive knowledge of the Indigenous art & design sectors and a supportive hand and eye to guide your project through to finish.

Art acquisition consultation

We are able to support the ethical acquisition of Indigenous design & textiles to enhance any space.