Why Not For Profit?

Our aim as a social enterprise transitioning to not-for-profit status is to contribute meaningfully to the preservation of indigenous art, while broadening the exposure and availability of their deeply layered and historically important artworks. In keeping with the principles and philosophies that inform and inspire the creation of NORTH products – that is, fairness, dignity, pride, independence and community – NORTH is immensely proud to be transitioning towards not-for-profit status. Profits from the sale of NORTH products are channelled directly back into the organisation to support our growth and development, which in turn sustains our relationships with our partner art centres in indigenous communities, and provides them with a reliable source of income and support. No single person or investor reaps financial benefits from NORTH’s endeavours; rather, as the driving force and heart and soul of what we do, the communities with whom we work are the sole beneficiaries of NORTH’s successes. 

North is currently functioning under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). To request a copy of our MOU or draft copy of our constitution please email hello@northhome.org